[OpenSCAD] QScintilla and shift-option-left/right keys on OSX

QuackingPlums quackingplums at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 4 15:06:38 EDT 2019

Is there any reason why the shift-option-arrow key combinations don't work
with the QScintilla editor on OSX?

Left-arrow and right-arrow work as expected to shift the cursor left and
Adding the option or command modifier keys works too - shifting the cursor a
whole word or a whole line at a time.
Adding the shift modifier only works by itself or with the command key.
I.e.: I can select one character at a time or an entire line at a time. I
can't select a word at a time. In Windows, the equivalent would be
shift-ctrl-left/right arrow.

Is there some function in QScintilla that reserves this key combination?

I use this way of navigating all the time when editing, and the lack of this
functionality is the main reason why I've been reluctant to activate the
QScintilla editor.

I swear I submitted this as a bug previously, but now I can't find it so
maybe I only dreamt I did?

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