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acwest wrote
> On Thu, 4 Jul 2019, 10:28 Dan Shriver, <

> tabbydan@

> > wrote:
>> Likewise, I sometimes get this warning:
>> DEPRECATED: Using ranges of the form [begin:end] with begin value greater
>> than the end value is deprecated.
>> But I can't see any loop where the starting value is bigger than the end
>> value.
> I mostly get this message when I do a for over an empty array. I consider
> this behaviour to be a bug, really

To loop over an empty array you want to write for(i=[0:-1]) and because of
how ranges work, this range is the same as [-1:0], so it will give you -1
and 0.  I'm not sure how anybody thought it could ever be desirable for a
range [a:b] to be interpreted as [b:a], but that's the situation.  My
understanding is that the warning is a preliminary step to changing the

But if you just always write [a:1:b] then everything will work the way it
should.  The loop for(i=[0:1:-1]) will correctly loop over an empty array,
giving no loop steps.  

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