[OpenSCAD] I'm worried about the elements limitation in CSG normalization.

Torsten Paul Torsten.Paul at gmx.de
Thu Jul 4 05:31:22 EDT 2019

On 04.07.19 11:05, Juan C.Cilleruelo wrote:
> First question: I know that OpenSCAD has a section of
> OpenCSG options. It's recommendable change default options?
> and what are de consequences of doing it?

That configuration is mostly a safe guard against very
slow preview drawing times. Even with OpenSCAD not using
much of the power of new graphics cards, they are more
capable by the minute, so increasing that config for a
normal desktop machine is no problem.

> Second question: Are there some code tricks I need to
> know to maintain these CSG products in a low limit?
> By example: fewer brackets, fewer lines of code, some
> type of instructions that are a bigger resources consumer?

This tries to explain (not very well, I suppose) the reason
why that "normalized tree" can explode:

The best option that help against that is what nophead
said - use render() to force geometry calculation at
specific points (like complete modules of an assembly).


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