[OpenSCAD] I'm worried about the elements limitation in CSG normalization.

Michael Marx michael.marx at tpg.com.au
Thu Jul 4 05:15:11 EDT 2019

Mine is set to 1000000000 without any apparent affects.



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Compiling design (CSG Products normalization)...
WARNING: Normalized tree is growing past 200000 elements. Aborting normalization. 
WARNING: CSG normalization resulted in an empty tree
Normalized CSG tree has 0 elements


I'm worried about this limitation of OpenSCAD. The code for the drawings in my program is generated
by my design software, still in development. 

This problem, by now, only occurs when I create, by mistake, complex very absurd and complex
instructions caused by software errors in my product. 

But my software is going to have the power to create really complex draws. And I need to improve
the resulting code to avoid this error as many as possible. 

First question: I know that OpenSCAD has a section of OpenCSG options. It's recommendable change
default options? and what are de consequences of doing it?

Second question: Are there some code tricks I need to know to maintain these CSG products in a low
limit? By example: fewer brackets, fewer lines of code, some type of instructions that are a bigger
resources consumer?

Thank you in advance!




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