[OpenSCAD] multmatrix expands the input matrix to 4x4?

adrianv avm4 at cornell.edu
Wed Jul 3 17:24:01 EDT 2019

This sounds like pretty intentional behavior.  Is there a prevailing (or at
least common) belief that it's wrong and needs to change?  

nophead wrote
> The code
> <https://github.com/openscad/openscad/blob/69bf5a55475102be43c2ddc698198e85821332b3/src/transform.cc#L204>
> creates
> a 4x4 identity matrix and then for each element it looks to see if the
> corresponding element exists in the passed matrix and if it does it
> overwrites that entry.
> So basically it tries as hard as it can to convert any shape matrix to
> fit.
> Any element it can't find is left as the value from the identity. If the
> argument isn't even a matrix it silently uses the identity.

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