[OpenSCAD] multmatrix expands the input matrix to 4x4?

Torsten Paul Torsten.Paul at gmx.de
Tue Jul 2 14:33:00 EDT 2019

On 02.07.19 20:09, adrianv wrote:
> Why do you call it "poking holes"?  It's what OpenSCAD does.

Yes, and that's what I meant. Things are not clearly specified
so there are lots of undefined places. The first tiny steps for
reducing that are the latest improvements implementing warnings
for a number of those cases.

So I guess there's 2 options:

1) Define all the holes as feature and basically make it impossible
to change the OpenSCAD language.

2) Slowly move to a clearer specification by improving both code
and documentation.

I hope we will end up with the 2nd option, and I hope people will
help going into that direction.


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