[OpenSCAD] Twisted Torus

Zacariaz zacariaz at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 19:35:21 EDT 2018

I am new here and frankly I haven't got the slightest clue how this system
works, so I'm just gonna post my question, and if I'm doing something wrong,
I apologize in advance.

In short, I feel like I got the hang of openscad, even though it is still
fairly new to me. I have however stumbled upon a problem that is beyond me,
trying to make a model of the twisted torus, and well, I have succeeded,
sort of, but I'm think there must be a better way, as this is not at all

twistedTorus( 25, 50 );
#translate( [50, 0, 0] ) rotate( [90, 180, 0] ) twistedTorus( 25, 50 );

module twistedTorus( r1, r2, t )
    for( i = [0:1:360] )
        rotate( [90, 0, i] )
            translate( [r2, 0, 0] )
                rotate( [0, 0, i] )
                        circle( r1 );
                        translate( [0, -r1, 0] ) square( [r1, 2*r1] );

Also I apologize for all the curly bracket, but I like to keep things in
order, inconvenient though it may be. ;)
The issue should be evident. The model is only a facsimile, and a bad one at
that. It is very resource intensive to render even in it's current form and
if you want to step it up a notch to something useful, you've got to find a
better way, which is why I'm asking here, how to attach this problem.

You could say that what I need is rotate_extrude_with_a_twist(), but I don't
see how.

Best regards.

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