[OpenSCAD] Bugs in 3d and rendering engine on different GPUs

Marty amart at mail.ru
Wed Sep 19 13:07:50 EDT 2018


I use an official release 2015.03-2.

1) As I hear somewhere, all computations are performed on CPU, not on GPU.
But there are the problems in F6 rendering - my details all have different
colors and in F5 preview looks right, but when I press F6 all of them
becomes to be the same light yellow. I hear somewhere that the rendering is
depending on GPU. Is it right?

2) My previos system is old i5 760 and Asus R5 230 GPU. I upgrade it to i5
8400 and try to use internal GPU. After that, not only look, but core
functions (I found at least 'difference' function) starts don't working.
When I connect old R5 230 GPU the 'difference' starts working good. It seems
that core computations strongly depends on GPU core, and some GPU not fully
compatible with OpenSCAD.

3) Is there anywhere a GPU compatibility list? Or, may be such problems
already solved in head branch and I need to build OpenSCAD from sources?

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