[OpenSCAD] Crash on F6 and missing preview/render window

tangerine0469 stapleton.hosting at gmail.com
Sun Sep 16 01:45:48 EDT 2018

MichaelAtOz wrote
> IS anyone else using Dual Radeon RX 580? 

When I checked using taskman, nothing aside from the normal windows desktop
services. On a whim I opened the app and moved it to another monitor (Each
card has two displays plugged into them, arranged in an 1 over 3 array) and
closed it so windows remembered which one to render it on when opened
next... Turns out the moment I opened it on the primary display (last test)
suddenly it rendered just fine. 

I took it and repeated the process on each monitor again and boom, works
like a charm now. Best guess here is that the one card crapped out/hiccuped
and being as windows persistence was in play it got caught in a loop until
moving it around the cards cleared it up. Still kinda like voodoo but I will
take it as a win. 

Thank you for the help, prods in the right direction and trying to figure it
out. Seems like this experience will definitely be useful on a rainy day.

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