[OpenSCAD] Crash on F6 and missing preview/render window

tangerine0469 stapleton.hosting at gmail.com
Sat Sep 15 23:26:21 EDT 2018

MichaelAtOz wrote
>> but no render/preview window
> Chicken/Egg, is the lack of the window causing the error, or an OpenGL
> error
> prevent the window opening...hmm
> It was working and you haven't upgraded the graphics card?
> It has the taste of a graphics driver issue...

That's the thing, There were zero changes made to the machine. I lock mine
down from auto-updates due to watching the horrors they cause at the data
center I do advanced implementations at. Not a domain controlled computer
but I have picked the auto updates clean through LGPO, services and
scheduled tasks  lol. 

I was feeling the same thing so thats when I decided to try and update them,
reboot, test. When that failed I removed entirely and rolled back to the
known good ones and no dice. I have two newish (6 month old or less) rx
580's, not running any advanced features like Eyenfinity or crossfire, no
overclocking, not coin mining,  etc. I will admit that I am more of an
OS/Hardware/Server Software flavor of IT guy and GPU drivers are not on my
nice list but to literally break overnight like that is beyond strange. 

I attached a copy of my code for the part I was working on. You can ignore
the commented out render() as that was a test I ran to see if it could do so
without crashing the app. Adding render() to the part certainly locks it up
while it does so but it doesn't crash nor fix the issue so I commented it

This is still very clearly a work in progress so ignore the ugly

For reference my machine is this:

FX-8350 CPU
16GB ram
dual rx580
Liquid loop CPU cooler
Raid 10 primary HDD using Perc h700 with BBU and 1GB Memory
4 monitors

All tests were run with nothing else running outside of normal OS services
for maximum resource availability 
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