[OpenSCAD] STL triangles inside a cube

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Thu Sep 13 17:42:26 EDT 2018

If the outside of the car body is one contiguous surface, (or even if it
isn't), you might be able to use Meshmixer to perform the task. 

One feature of Meshmixer is Analysis/Inspector which will look for manifold
failures and attempt to correct them. I suggest using the Edit/Plane Cut
feature to chop your model in pieces, then use Inspector to correct errors
of the individual parts. Within the Plane Cut feature, the default option is
to close the sliced faces, providing an effectively solid part for 3D

When using Plane Cut, the program automatically sets the cutting plane at
the midpoint of the body. This can be advantageous, but it also gives you an
idea where your cuts will be relative to the entire model. Use
Analysis/Dimensions to see the overall size of the model, which then gives
you a better idea where to place your cuts.

Within the Plane Cut option, holding the mouse button on a transform arrow,
then pressing the up and down arrows will change the scale resolution from
the initial coarse spacing to even more coarse or much finer spacing,
allowing for 0.1 millimeter positioning.

You can keep or discard the "cut-off" pieces. I suggest that you use the
keep option and perform the desired cuts. Once cut, use the Edit/Separate
Shells to segment the sliced parts. This will present you with the object
browser and you can use the eyeball icon to vanish individual pieces.

Another feature inherent to Meshmixer is that you export the parts by
selecting each one in turn. The export defaults to only the selected part,
unless changed in the preferences. Having the entire model exported as a
whole is useful if different materials or colors are to be used in the

Additionally, the position relative to the origin of each part exported
remains in the saved file. This will cause a drop to the bed when sliced, in
some slicers. It may be necessary to perform rotation on those parts to
ensure you have a flat part on the bed.

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