[OpenSCAD] STL triangles inside a cube

cbernhardt charlie at carols62.com
Thu Sep 13 17:23:11 EDT 2018

I have an STL file of a car body that I would like to 3D print.  The file is
just a representation of the surface of the car body with no thickness. 
Because of the size I would need to print the model in several pieces.  Is
there a program that would let me define a cube that would enclose a certain
area of the car body and output an STL file with the triangles intersecting
the cube sides having edges lying along the cutting edges of the cube’s
faces? I have tried using difference in OpenSCAD, but I guess OpenSCAD does
not like the STL file because it is not a solid.
See attached picture.  The new STL file would have all of the triangles
inside the gray cube.

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