[OpenSCAD] module [maybe later function] spiral(rev, hfac, wfac, base_r, sp_r)

r.d. terramir terramircomputers at gmail.com
Sat Sep 8 18:05:32 EDT 2018

I need a little help finishing this function to be exact I would like
hfac to be just spiral height in mm from center wire to center wire,
but somehow I endup fraking it up algebra can suck at times but I
think I just not seeing the solution as the germans' say "can't see
the forest because of all the trees"
here is my budding function with instructions :

    module spiral(rev,hfac,wfac,base_r,sp_r){
    for (i=[0:0.5:rev*360]){
    cylinder(r=sp_r, h=0.4, $fn=32);
 /*spiral module instructions
rev= revolutions the spiral makes
hfac= height factor derived by (360*rev)/height in mm)
wfac= incline of the spiral minimum about 15% of rev*360 play with it
to get your best approximate shape) anything under 15% gives you wierd
inverted results before the top
base_r= radius of the bottom spiral
sp_r= radius of the "wire" in mm

// example

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