[OpenSCAD] Newbie rotation confusion.

Aurum pommie.mike at gmail.com
Fri Sep 7 05:06:16 EDT 2018

Having now subscribed to the mailing list hopefully this will now be posted.
Sorry if it's posted twice.

What I'm trying to do is understand how to get a cube at the origin with
it's corners on the axes.

Firstly, I tried rotating by 45° about x and y with no success.

I then rotated 45° about the X axis with
    color("cyan") cube(10,center=true);
and looked down the Y axis. What I see is this.

I now realize that I'm not looking at a square anymore but a rectangle with
sides 10 and 14.14 (10 x root 2) and so to align the corners with the Z axis
I need to rotate by atan(1.414) = 54.7°.

I do this with
        color("cyan") cube(10,center=true);
and the result is

What am I doing wrong?

Is there a simple way to get a cube at the origin with it's corners on the


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