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christophe malvasio malvasio.christophe at gmail.com
Wed Sep 5 02:26:01 EDT 2018

i suggest you to code in openscad the entire objects/parts from your
view of the stl
it will make you print faster ;)
Le mer. 5 sept. 2018 à 03:03, FourthDr <who_doctor at hotmail.com> a écrit :
> The whole reason for this exercise in the first place is because I needed to
> cut the part into two to fit my printer using the pizzlecut library. I think
> I can eventually get this working since it's just basically a geometric
> shape problem.
> But with other models, this is a huge problem. I can't just easily redesign
> more complex designs/shapes. Especially, since I don't always have the
> original design files just an stl file. So any time there is some problem no
> matter how small with the model OpenSCAD throws a hissyfit. Sometimes I can
> "fix" the model where OpenSCAD will accept it. Bust most of the time not.
> Case and point, I have two models attached below that I need cut into two
> parts. They both look and preview fine. My slic3r has no problems. But when
> I try to cut them, OpenSCAD will not render them. And in worst case such as
> with the nose cone will actually crash OpenSCAD with a C++ error.
> It's too bad there is not a way to just cut with defects and all. It just
> needs to be accepted by a slicer and look ok to the eye. A diagnostic tool
> of some sort that could fix these problem would be great. Or that could
> point out problems and give suggestions on fixing them so OpenSCAD will
> accept the file.
> I'm trying to get these two attached stl files split by tomorrow. I've been
> tinkering with them for months. So far without success. Any one interested
> in seeing if they can find and correct the two files for me? And maybe give
> some tips and or suggest some software tools I have not already tried?
> Cryptic CGAL errors don't really help me find and fix what OpenSCAD is
> complaining about.
> back-cover-no-stand-2.stl
> <http://forum.openscad.org/file/t1425/back-cover-no-stand-2.stl>
> _LCD_face_plate_LCD_hole_open_(repaired).stl
> <http://forum.openscad.org/file/t1425/_LCD_face_plate_LCD_hole_open_%28repaired%29.stl>
> puzzlecutlib3.scad <http://forum.openscad.org/file/t1425/puzzlecutlib3.scad>
> Thanks for all the help.
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