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Tue Sep 4 21:02:23 EDT 2018

The whole reason for this exercise in the first place is because I needed to
cut the part into two to fit my printer using the pizzlecut library. I think
I can eventually get this working since it's just basically a geometric
shape problem.

But with other models, this is a huge problem. I can't just easily redesign
more complex designs/shapes. Especially, since I don't always have the
original design files just an stl file. So any time there is some problem no
matter how small with the model OpenSCAD throws a hissyfit. Sometimes I can
"fix" the model where OpenSCAD will accept it. Bust most of the time not.

Case and point, I have two models attached below that I need cut into two
parts. They both look and preview fine. My slic3r has no problems. But when
I try to cut them, OpenSCAD will not render them. And in worst case such as
with the nose cone will actually crash OpenSCAD with a C++ error.

It's too bad there is not a way to just cut with defects and all. It just
needs to be accepted by a slicer and look ok to the eye. A diagnostic tool
of some sort that could fix these problem would be great. Or that could
point out problems and give suggestions on fixing them so OpenSCAD will
accept the file.

I'm trying to get these two attached stl files split by tomorrow. I've been
tinkering with them for months. So far without success. Any one interested
in seeing if they can find and correct the two files for me? And maybe give
some tips and or suggest some software tools I have not already tried?
Cryptic CGAL errors don't really help me find and fix what OpenSCAD is
complaining about. 

puzzlecutlib3.scad <http://forum.openscad.org/file/t1425/puzzlecutlib3.scad>  

Thanks for all the help.

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