[OpenSCAD] for loop implicid union.

Rogier Wolff R.E.Wolff at BitWizard.nl
Sat Sep 1 04:45:23 EDT 2018


I have this puzzle I'm making: 
    makepuzzle (pitch=35, theblock = bn, real=1) 
	rotate ([  0,  0,  0]) beam (r=bs, height=bl); 
	rotate ([  0,180,  0]) beam (r=bs, height=bl);
	rotate ([  0, 90, 90]) beam (r=bs, height=bl);
	rotate ([  0,-90,-90]) beam (r=bs, height=bl);
	rotate ([ 90,  0, 90]) beam (r=bs, height=bl);
	rotate ([-90,  0,-90]) beam (r=bs, height=bl);

where I would like to have the list-of-rotations available elsewhere.

So I'm going towards: 

    makepuzzle (pitch=35, theblock = bn, real=1) 
      for (i=[0:5])
	rotate (lor[i]) beam (r=bs, height=bl); 

(lor  is the list-of-rotations). 

but now the "makepuzzle" module has only one child because for does an
implicit union. And makepuzzle needs access to all the six

IMHO this is why the "implicit" anything is not a good idea. In pascal
there is the "writeln" with the implicit newline. As a building block
you cannot make a "write" out of that, but the other way around you
can easily make a writeln out of "write".

Similarly here: If you want a union of your for loop you can easily
add the union in front, but the other way around is difficult. Or at
least not obvious how to do it for me.


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