[OpenSCAD] adding a difference causes 2-manifold error?

John Lussmyer Cougar at CasaDelGato.com
Sat Oct 27 22:33:53 EDT 2018

On Sat Oct 27 10:30:32 PDT 2018 michael.frey at gmx.ch said:
>Let us start bit the difference with the two "bits".
>When I add the # modifier, I see Z-Fighting.
>Z-Fighting occurs when faces are coincident - OpenSCAD does not like
>that as it is not clear whether the surface belongs to the model or not.
>Please move the second bit down and make it a longer:

Interesting, the bit defintions were in the original code, and I hadn't changed them.
I fixed them, even though they weren't actually causing the problem.

>adding the # modifier to if (cover > 0) {
>that looks unclean:
>so, let us move this cube up a bit:
>and also the other cube, but the other cube has to be translated down a bit.

Yup.  That's the stuff I added, and hadn't figured out that I aligned things too closely.
(I've only used OpenSCAD a couple time previously)

>adding the modifier # to if (spx<0) {
>again, Z-Fighting:
>so, move it down a bit:

Again, old code, but I did fix it.

Thanks!!  I also hadn't noticed the "#" modifier before.  That REALLY helps!


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