[OpenSCAD] Error running openscad from command line

NathanA napter at gmail.com
Sat Oct 13 02:18:30 EDT 2018

Hi, I am running openscad in AWS lambda. It works often but some times it
randomly crashes. When it crashes I get return code: -4. 

output: Could not initialize localization.
ECHO: "Starting up ..."

The echo statement is the first line in the openscad file. The error about
localization occurs even when it works fine so that doesn't seem to be the
problem. The code and environment doesn't change as far as I can tell
between the times it works or when it doesn't. How can I troubleshoot it?
What could cause code -4 to be returned? Is there any way I can get any more
output on why it is crashing and what I can do about it?

I am using OpenSCAD version 2017.07.31.

Thank you

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