[OpenSCAD] Functional OpenSCAD, working with vertex data

jon jon at jonbondy.com
Tue Jan 30 11:48:02 EST 2018

Thank you Parkinbot!

This is an excellent example of how a user new to OpenSCAD could spin 
their wheels "needlessly".  I know nothing about the internals of 
OpenSCAD.  I imagine that most C programmers do not wish to have to 
understand the details of the parser or the code generator.  I hope that 
we can eventually have a tool where two seemingly identical structures 
take roughly the same time to calculate.  I imagine there are good (and 
subtle) reasons why this objective is difficult to achieve


On 1/30/2018 11:41 AM, Parkinbot wrote:
> JordanBrown wrote
>> So you're saying it's better if the objects are simple and direct
>> children of the hull, rather than being a union (through whatever
>> mechanism) of those same objects?
> Exactly. Have a look at the CSG structures. Results of a for loop are
> represented as group node and processed as (implicit) union. And this needs
> to be done by CGAL.
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