[OpenSCAD] Functional OpenSCAD, working with vertex data

NateTG nate-openscadforum at pedantic.org
Mon Jan 29 10:08:56 EST 2018

> Do you have ideas for any other features you would like to see added?
(aside from the currently unsupported OpenSCAD builtins)

I'm not sure what you want the scope of the project to be.

Something that is likely to be useful in general (but may be scope creep) is
a 'mesh checker' that takes points and faces as arguments and identifies
easy-to-detect topological flaws like holes and non-manifold edges.  
Reverse-wound faces or sections are relatively easy to detect as a special
case, and non-manifold vertices shouldn't be that much more effort.  A more
advanced version could also detect self-intersection (though that's halfway
to a clipper.)   Another ambitious extension of this idea is to have
functions to fix some of these issues. 

A function that fills in a solid under a patch of surface could be handy,
and shouldn't be that hard to write.

I see you have subdivide, but no face triangulation function that lets you
apply it to to the output of cube().  That seems like a missing piece and
the algorithms are well-documented.  (I was tinkering with this yesterday.) 
Armed with that, you can start doing plastic deform stuff pretty easily. 
Generic plastic deforms aren't going to be available without functions as
first-class variables, but you can still have good support for basic stuff
like projective, cylindrical, and spherical transforms.

An alternative to using a clipper for booleans is a voxel-based geometry
engine.   Union, intersection, and subtraction are really easy with that,
but making it viable in OpenSCAD requires conversion utilities to switch
between the voxel and surface models of geometry.

Automated mesh smoothing operations like filleting, beveling, and spline
fitting are things that people want, but that aren't available in OpenSCAD.

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