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"Actually it is possible, but probably not inside OpenSCAD.  Many years ago Iwas in the land surveying business and I wrote a routine to take randomly
spaced 3D points"
I would disagree.  Your routine would be making some (probably un stated) assumptions  about the shape. Such as that the points do not form a "cave", and probably what points represent a boundary.
For example how would your routine deal with the example I gave,  of 8 points representing the corners of a cube.There are multiple "correct" representations of that set of points.
I would suspect that your routine would assume those points are either a cube shaped bump in a flat plane, or a cubical hole in an otherwise flat plane.  Both of which are making perfectly reasonable assumptions for making it topographical map.But those assumptions would be/could be  incorrect for just that set of 8 points, "floating in space" with no other information.Essentially there are too many degrees of freedom for the problem to be solvable as he posed it.
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