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cbernhardt charlie at carols62.com
Mon Jan 22 21:16:36 EST 2018

jim_klessig wrote
> I don't think such a function is even theoretically possible. It doesn't
> have sufficient constraints.It might be possible if you defined a subset
> of those points as a boundary edge, and constrained the surface to be
> limited in,some other fashion.
> As an example if your random point cloud is defined as the corners of a
> cube, there are i think 18 different open non self intersecting surfaces
> that could be formed, at least 3 self intersecting ones, and all possible
> combinations of those. There is one closed surface ( the cube) and its
> combinations with the self intersecting surfaces.

Actually it is possible, but probably not inside OpenSCAD.  Many years ago I
was in the land surveying business and I wrote a routine to take randomly
spaced 3D points and turn them into a topo (contour) map.   This was done
inside of AutoCAD.  I saved my headlight bezel as an STL file and imported
it into AutoCAD, then drew some 3D POINTS to represent the area I needed to
fill.  The program I wrote produces a TIN (Triangulated Irregular Network)
of the surface defined by the 3D points.  This particular TIN has 4315 3D
points.  I converted the TIN to an STL and added it to the OpenSCAD file. 
See the area circled in red in the attached picture.

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