[OpenSCAD] Problem with skin()

Parkinbot rudolf at parkinbot.com
Sun Jan 21 16:57:55 EST 2018

B29Parts wrote
> From this fix, I gather that when you are defining a 2D polygon to be
> extruded to 3D, the points have to be defined in a CCW manner (i.e. the
> right hand rule wrt the z-axis).  

Well, it depends on the direction you are extruding. You could also call
skin() with polygons in reversed order 
	transform(translation([-scale_factor*25.4,0,25.4]), airfoil_mm_scaled), 
	transform(translation([-25.4,0,0]), airfoil_mm),

to get the desired result with unreversed vertex order. Always use F12 to
check if you got the right order. 

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