[OpenSCAD] F5 works, but F6 gives: ERROR: CGAL error in CGAL_Nef_polyhedron3():

Ronaldo Persiano rcmpersiano at gmail.com
Wed Jan 17 13:06:35 EST 2018

​Interesting workaround! It is "reasonable" since the hull operation
depends only on the vertex positions. So, missing facets in a polyhedron
are irrelevant.
For instance, this code renders fine:

    polyhedron( points=[[0,0,0],[0,10,0],[10,10,0],
                faces =[[0,1,2],[3,4,5]]);

​If you drop the hull, CGAL complaints.

2018-01-17 14:10 GMT-02:00 Uwe Schächterle <corpsman at corpsman.de>:

> To inform the ones that are interested in.
> The Problem under Linux still exists, but i found a workaround.
> if you write
> hull()
> {
> }
> around the polyhedron then F6 is possible under Linux too.
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