[OpenSCAD] Problem with skin()

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Thanks, that works.  From this fix, I gather that when you are defining a 2D polygon to be extruded to 3D, the points have to be defined in a CCW manner (i.e. the right hand rule wrt the z-axis).  linear_extrude must have some way of fixing that, as it doesn't seem to care whether the points are CW or CCW.

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It turns pink because you polygon is defined in wrong order. skin() expects 

airfoil_inch = reverse([ [0.00,0.00], [.031,.084], [.062,.123], [.125,.176],
                 [.375,.290], [.500,.324], [.625,.349], [.750,.366],
                 [1.25,.343], [1.50,.285], [1.75,.208], [2.00,.126],
[2.25,0.00] ]);

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