[OpenSCAD] FW: Rendering problem about importing dxf file

ericlau cylaumail at gmail.com
Fri Jan 12 13:36:56 EST 2018

cbernhardt wrote
> I am not really sure why the DXF will not render with the sphere since it
> will render by itself, but I know how to fix it. The image on the left
> side
> of the picture below is the DXF file loaded into AutoCAD.  The blue
> squares
> are the vertices of the figure.  The vertex with the coordinates shown
> beside it shows that the X coordinate is 0.000.  If you move this vertex
> just slightly in the positive X direction, then it renders with the sphere
> with no error message (right side of picture).  I assume the problem lies
> in
> the fact that the DXF file is rotated about the Z axis passing through
> X=0,
> Y=0.
> <http://forum.openscad.org/file/t1309/import_exercise_dxf.jpg> 
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Thanks cbernhardt. It works! The problem is solved after I add
"translate([1,0,0])" under "rotate_extrude()".

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