[OpenSCAD] FW: Rendering problem about importing dxf file

arnholm at arnholm.org arnholm at arnholm.org
Fri Jan 12 03:22:10 EST 2018

>> I'm a new user of OpenSCAD and just met a rendering problem. Could you 
>> help
>> to solve it?
>> Rendering success:
>> - Use linear_extrude() for a dxf file and display a sphere.
>> - Only use rotate_extrude() for a dxf file.
>> Rendering fail:
>> - Use rotate_extrude() for a dxf file and display a
>> sphere.

The problem is that after rotate_extrude, the solid created is 
self-intersecting. This is not detected until you attempt to perform a 
boolean operation on it, i.e. union with the sphere. To avoid this 
problem, make sure the profile you rotate_extrude is not crossing or 
touching the x-axis.

For example

Carsten Arnholm

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