[OpenSCAD] Mayan calendar

Dan Shriver tabbydan at gmail.com
Thu Jan 11 17:57:42 EST 2018

So I'm not trying to beat a dead horse here.... but I'm trying to figure
out how to make the "solar" 365 day calendar more like the "ceremonial" 260
day one.

The 260 day calendar has months (20) with exactly the same number of days
(13) so it is easy to implement as two gears.  One has 13 spots and one
tooth.  The other has 20 notches (one for each month)

The 365 day calendar has 18 months of 20 days and one month of 5 days.

I have a simplified drawing for how I'd like to tackle this.  For
simplification I've only put notches in the outer months ring in four spots.
The ceremonial calendar is on the left and the solar one on the right.
For the solar one it would have 18 notches between the months (that the
tall tooth between 20 and 1 would catch), and a small tooth on the month
ring between the first and last months of the year (calling them "Dec" and
"Jan" here since that is easier to write than a glyph) that would catch on
a small tooth on the month ring between 5 & 6.
The result would "sort of work" except the first day of the new solar year
would be Jan 6.

Are there any clever tricks I could use to reset the day of the month wheel
after "Dec 5" so it reads "Jan 1" the next day?

[image: Inline image 1]

On Sat, Jan 6, 2018 at 10:33 AM, cbernhardt <charlie at carols62.com> wrote:

> cacb wrote
> > Hi Charles
> >
> > Sounds like you have some issue with your computer, it should work fine.
> > I don't know if OpenSCAD is compiled using MSVC++ on Windows, but your
> > message seems to indicate so.
> > Here are the corresponding numbers for my 3 computers, all run ok.
> > Carsten Arnholm
> I re-installed the 64 bit version of OpenSCAD 2015.03-2 and it seems to be
> working fine.
> OS Win 7 64
> OpenSCAD version 2015.03-2
> Intel Core i7-6700
> 3.40GHz
> 16GB RAM
> with linear_extrude
> render F5 4 seconds
> render F6 4 seconds
> linear_extrude removed:
> render F5 4 seconds
> render F6 4 seconds
> Thanks for all the help,
> Charles
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