[OpenSCAD] Not enough RAM - Solution

jamie123 jamie at easytweety.com
Thu Jan 11 09:21:16 EST 2018

Has anyone else had difficulties running OpenSCAD on their computer?

Rather ambitiously I installed OpenSCAD on my ASUS X205T (Intel ATOM and 2GB
RAM) and unsurprisingly it keeps crashing. I was thinking about getting a
new PC but I’ve found a much cheaper solution, I’ve installed OpenSCAD in
the cloud (on Amazon servers) and now I’m using it through a remote desktop.
It means that I’m able to run it on an 8 core PC with 32GB of RAM for only
$1 per hour. The difference is quite incredible.

If anyone else is also having trouble with the speed of their laptop, I’m
happy to help you get set up in the cloud.

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