[OpenSCAD] STL problem - globoid worm gear system

Ronaldo Persiano rcmpersiano at gmail.com
Sat Jan 6 10:40:24 EST 2018

Nice video, Rudolf. It is a vivid proof of the concept.

Do you remember our discussion on polygon triangulation some years ago? I
was looking over the triangulation of planar polygons because I had
troubles with degenerated triangles in almost planar non-convex polygons.
After implementing the triangulation myself I found that CGAL changed the
triangulation I had built for another one, not always better. After that, I
abandoned my triangulation process. I don't know if that has changed in
later OpenSCAD versions. So, I understand your dismay.

2018-01-06 11:05 GMT-02:00 Parkinbot <rudolf at parkinbot.com>:

> Ronaldo,
> I'm still working on it and completely rearranged, simplified, and also
> optimized the code by reducing vertex counts as much as possible. However,
> meanwhile I am almost fed up with this approach, as I am more and more
> running into obscure CGAL problems, errors, warnings, invalid
> exports/imports. I feel like a gambler because the stability of solutions
> seem to heavily depend on harmless parametrizations (which of course have
> influence on the meshing).
> Additionally OpenSCAD's GUI tends to brick or at least get unstable as soon
> as F5-rendering exceeds a certain complexity.
> To me it looks like this method is opening Pandora's box. For now I'm
> waiting for a version that fixes the missing "alternate construction" bug.
> At least I can show you a video of my print, which really came out well:
> https://youtu.be/NK8TeTKRFL4
> Ronaldo wrote
> > Great that you found a better way to do it. I will be waiting for the
> > thingverse publishing. Great project.
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