[OpenSCAD] STL problem - globoid worm gear system

Parkinbot rudolf at parkinbot.com
Sat Jan 6 08:05:33 EST 2018


I'm still working on it and completely rearranged, simplified, and also
optimized the code by reducing vertex counts as much as possible. However,
meanwhile I am almost fed up with this approach, as I am more and more
running into obscure CGAL problems, errors, warnings, invalid
exports/imports. I feel like a gambler because the stability of solutions
seem to heavily depend on harmless parametrizations (which of course have
influence on the meshing). 
Additionally OpenSCAD's GUI tends to brick or at least get unstable as soon
as F5-rendering exceeds a certain complexity. 

To me it looks like this method is opening Pandora's box. For now I'm
waiting for a version that fixes the missing "alternate construction" bug. 

At least I can show you a video of my print, which really came out well:

Ronaldo wrote
> Great that you found a better way to do it. I will be waiting for the
> thingverse publishing. Great project.

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