[OpenSCAD] more sweep() issues

Parkinbot rudolf at parkinbot.com
Fri Jan 5 15:21:03 EST 2018

of course you have adopt the example to your needs. To get more rotations
you can use 

R_(anglex, anglez, anglez, Tx_(100, vec3D(circle(r))))]; 

or use single rotations in a specific order while R_() has a fixed order
like rotation().

Ry_(angley, Rz_(anglez, Rx_(anglex, Tx_(100, vec3D(circle(r))))))]; 

Obviously you can specify anglex, anglez, anglez as functions of the
iteration variable to make them do what you want. Following this pattern you
can stack any affine operations (rotations, translations and scales) the way
you want to model your extrusion path. The innermost operation is executed
first then the next one, and so on.  

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