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Fri Jan 5 10:46:22 EST 2018

The preview of 2D models in OpenSCAD is deceptive. It always adds a
thickness of 1 to the polygon. But, it is not really extruded so the render
will show a 2D polygon without thickness. Similarly,  2D polygon rotations
have not the same representation in the preview (F5) and the render (F6);
avoid them.

2018-01-05 13:35 GMT-02:00 cbernhardt <charlie at carols62.com>:

> cacb wrote
> > If you mean the DXF file, true. That is why I generated the .scad file.
> > The .scad runs fine in OpenSCAD on both my Windows 10 and Kubuntu 17.04
> > machines.
> >
> >> I simplified it by loading the DXF
> >> file into AutoCAD and exploding the POLYLINEs into simple line
> >> segments,
> >
> > If you have AutoCAD you can do such things, yes. That's essentially the
> > same thing I do (not using AutoCAD) with conversion to .scad (or other
> > formats).
> >
> > Carsten Arnholm
> On my Windows 7, 64 bit machine, with 16 GB ram, the program starts with
> "Compiling Design (CSG Tree generation)", then "Compiling Design(CSG
> Products Generation)".  After about 40 seconds I get a Microsoft Visual C++
> Runtime Library message "The application has requested the Runtime to
> terminate in an unusual way.  Please contact the application support team
> for more information.
> If I remove the linear_extrude() line and start OpenSCAD by selecting
> mayan_haab_15_inch. scad file the initial rendering appears in about 3 sec,
> but it is still extruded.  If I hit F5 the Preview appears (still extruded)
> in about 3 sec, but F6 still causes the error message.
> I am rather inexperienced with OpenSCAD so could someone explain why when I
> remove the linear_extrude() line the initial rendering and the F5 rendering
> still appears as an extruded image?  If I change the scale_factor the image
> changes size, but the image still appears as extruded.  Is the image cached
> somewhere?
> Charles
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