[OpenSCAD] Mayan calendar

cbernhardt charlie at carols62.com
Fri Jan 5 10:35:36 EST 2018

cacb wrote
> If you mean the DXF file, true. That is why I generated the .scad file. 
> The .scad runs fine in OpenSCAD on both my Windows 10 and Kubuntu 17.04 
> machines.
>> I simplified it by loading the DXF
>> file into AutoCAD and exploding the POLYLINEs into simple line 
>> segments,
> If you have AutoCAD you can do such things, yes. That's essentially the 
> same thing I do (not using AutoCAD) with conversion to .scad (or other 
> formats).
> Carsten Arnholm

On my Windows 7, 64 bit machine, with 16 GB ram, the program starts with
"Compiling Design (CSG Tree generation)", then "Compiling Design(CSG
Products Generation)".  After about 40 seconds I get a Microsoft Visual C++
Runtime Library message "The application has requested the Runtime to
terminate in an unusual way.  Please contact the application support team
for more information.

If I remove the linear_extrude() line and start OpenSCAD by selecting
mayan_haab_15_inch. scad file the initial rendering appears in about 3 sec,
but it is still extruded.  If I hit F5 the Preview appears (still extruded)
in about 3 sec, but F6 still causes the error message. 

I am rather inexperienced with OpenSCAD so could someone explain why when I
remove the linear_extrude() line the initial rendering and the F5 rendering
still appears as an extruded image?  If I change the scale_factor the image
changes size, but the image still appears as extruded.  Is the image cached


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