[OpenSCAD] Mayan calendar

cbernhardt charlie at carols62.com
Thu Jan 4 17:47:14 EST 2018

cacb wrote
> On 03. jan. 2018 03:24, Dan Shriver wrote:
>> I was toying with the idea of trying to make a Mayan calendar (short 
>> count 52 year cycle).
> Just for the fun of it I downloaded a DXF Mayan Haab calendar from
> http://www.carveonecncwoodcraft.com/downloads.html
> ...and made into an OpenSCAD source file
> https://gist.github.com/arnholm/2d082bf5604dcae32ead35e74f07eb76
> (use "Download ZIP" button)
> It is not what you wanted, but it is quite a number of recursive 
> booleans :-)
> Carsten Arnholm

I downloaded your "mayan_haab_15_inch.scad" and the corresponding  DXF file. 
None of my computers could digest it.  I simplified it by loading the DXF
file into AutoCAD and exploding the POLYLINEs into simple line segments,
thus eliminating all the polygon point arrays and all of the union() and
difference() functions. Of course this makes the DXF file about 30 MEGS, but
it renders in about 2 sec.

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