[OpenSCAD] FIlling gaps between complex hollow objects

TLC123 torleif.ceder at gmail.com
Tue Jan 2 04:47:55 EST 2018

I respect that OpenScad has a bunch of uses other than 3D printing.
For parts, i totally get it. Its a resource library in software analogy.
For functions its handy and i should probably maintain a basic library for

For modules as operators on unknown children i find it almost pointless to 
package them up for general black box usage by others.
Sure it may function as shorthand sugar but as long as a module 
cant know anything or reason about the children it  cant provide 
profound value for someone that don't understand the modules inner workings.

Point being, OpenScad scripts is not software, it's markup with the luxury
of evaluated expression.
I just belive it's somewhat important to note that distinction from time to

Happy New Year to all of ya here.

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