[OpenSCAD] STL problem - globoid worm gear system

Parkinbot rudolf at parkinbot.com
Mon Jan 1 15:44:33 EST 2018

Yeah, it looks like the problem has at least on other dimension. 

In my imagination a change of representation is like a snap-to-grid
operation and always a coarsening (surjective map). So, whenever two
distinct points are mapped onto the same grid point, we have one of two
Either they are neighbored points with respect to exactly two polygons (that
share the edge defined by the two points) or not. 
In the first case it should be safe to merge the points and shorten the
polygons, respectively drop them, if they degenerate. 
The second case will create a topology problem and needs some intelligent
treatment, like: find another (more distant) grid point in the neighborhood
that can preserve topology. 
In practice it will be a bit more complicated, as many points can be mapped
onto the same grid point and one has to pick out and treat all neighbored
points first. Points that don't get treated by this are candidates for
second case treatment. 

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