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Chris Camacho chris at bedroomcoders.co.uk
Wed Apr 25 10:21:44 EDT 2018

Don't forget PETg you can reliably print without fans and its got just 
enough flex to make it more robust than for example PLA

- although you do need to print hotter (than PLA) and a little slower to 
make sure you get best results...

On 25/04/18 14:44, shadowwynd wrote:
> Let me second a vote for UltiMachine filament.  I have only used their ABS
> and PLA, but every reel I have gotten from them tends to print smooth as
> butter.
> I have tried MatterHackers and Hatchbox (Amazon) and had less than stellar
> results with both.  Saving a few dollars on filament is useless when the
> filament causes printer jams, misprints, or the parts crack apart.
> I have a giant waterproof tote that I keep everything but my active spool
> inside.  Every time I get a silica desiccant packet (the "Do-not-Eat" packet
> that ships with shoes and electronics) it goes in the tote with the
> filament.  The lid stays firmly clamped on except when changing filament.
> Humidity here normally stays around 85%, so keeping the filament from
> absorbing that helps the prints also.
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