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shadowwynd shadowwynd at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 09:44:45 EDT 2018

Let me second a vote for UltiMachine filament.  I have only used their ABS
and PLA, but every reel I have gotten from them tends to print smooth as

I have tried MatterHackers and Hatchbox (Amazon) and had less than stellar
results with both.  Saving a few dollars on filament is useless when the
filament causes printer jams, misprints, or the parts crack apart.

I have a giant waterproof tote that I keep everything but my active spool
inside.  Every time I get a silica desiccant packet (the "Do-not-Eat" packet
that ships with shoes and electronics) it goes in the tote with the
filament.  The lid stays firmly clamped on except when changing filament. 
Humidity here normally stays around 85%, so keeping the filament from
absorbing that helps the prints also.

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