[OpenSCAD] 3D Printer

jon jon at jonbondy.com
Wed Apr 25 06:05:18 EDT 2018

I have parrots and cook with teflon cookware.  I would not worry about 
teflon failing in a 3D printer or causing fumes.  But there is a plastic 
tube in some printers that can fail if they are over heated.  The closer 
you get to the theoretical failure point, the more risk you have that 
the hot end will fail.  All metal hot ends are better for high 
temperature filaments, but some of them have trouble printing PLA.

On 4/25/2018 5:57 AM, MichaelAtOz wrote:
> nophead wrote
>> Well I have spend years amongst 3D printers with PTFE liners running at
>> 255C and haven't noticed my neurons being poisoned
> Well that explains a lot ;) once your neurons are done for, you obviously
> wont notice...like mad hatters ;)
> Wikipedia > The polymer fumes are especially harmful to certain birds whose
> breathing, optimized for rapidity, allows toxins which are excluded by human
> lungs. Fumes from Teflon in very high heat are fatal to parrots.
> So we need a parrot rather than a canary? ... obviously leading to the Monty
> Python sketch...

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