[OpenSCAD] Wiki Cleanup? Time to flush pre 2015.03 qualifications?

Michael Frey michael.frey at gmx.ch
Tue Apr 24 00:20:10 EDT 2018

On 24.04.2018 05:42, MichaelAtOz wrote:
> I suggest it is time to start rebasing the Wiki to 2015.03. Removing all
> older qualifications and presuming all 2015.03 features are extant and not
> requiring specific mention.
> Note I said 'start' it will have to happen over time of course.
This would clearly improve the readability.

On 24.04.2018 05:46, MichaelAtOz wrote:
> Anyone know if the Wiki can be archived for posterity and/or whether that
> would be a waste of space?
That was the first idea that sprung to my mind.

We have a "printable" version:
This is a good base for archival.

You can use {{subst: to substitute the include with its content.
Then such a "printable" Version could be archived as a separate page.
This page could then be blocked from editing as it is an archive.

You can also create a PDF from this page and archive that.

If we are lazy, we could simply look if a web archive has backed up the 
"printable" version and/or the separate pages.

With Kind regards,
Michael Frey

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