[OpenSCAD] Working with imported STLs

kerog kerog777 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 02:02:40 EDT 2018

MichaelAtOz wrote
> kerog wrote
>> NewDomeCity1.stl 
>> city-tile_v4.stl 
>> I believe both of these models had problems when I tried to cut them up
>> after importing.
> Yep, both are problematic.
> You should get netfabb Studio Basic, it can help see problems, and fix
> many,
> but not all.
> It fixed city-tile_v4.stl.
> city-tile_v4_fixed.stl
> <http://forum.openscad.org/file/t359/city-tile_v4_fixed.stl>  
> NewDomeCity1.stl has lots of problems, not easily fixed:
> <http://forum.openscad.org/file/t359/NewDomeCity1.jpg> 
> Anything not blue or black is bad.
> -----

Thanks!  I was able to edit the one you fixed in the way I had been hoping
to.  Good to know for the future.

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