[OpenSCAD] Minkowski difference shows up with F5 but not F6

MichaelAtOz oz.at.michael at gmail.com
Mon Apr 16 20:27:37 EDT 2018

As I can't reproduce the CGAL error on both 2015.03-2 and the 2018.04.01
snapshot, I suggest you try either of these versions, or the latest  here
<http://www.openscad.org/downloads.html#snapshots>  , first.
I seem to recall a somewhat recent snapshot had a bad regression.

If the error persists, please post the specific error message
(Design/Flush-Caches will reproduce the F6 error message - it sometimes
doesn't get repeated due to caching). And the latest source code if you have

There are two issues BTW, whatever is causing the CGAL error, and the really
garbled preview.
The preview can be 'fixed' via Preferences/Advanced-Tab/Enable-Goldfeather. 
(I always want to type GoldFinger...for some reason, No Mr Bond, I expect
you to die!)
If that fixes the preview for you, could you post the info from
Help/Library-Info, it often points to a graphics driver problem (different
to the CGAL issue). You could try updating the driver.

For the CGAL error, it should not error when processing normal OpenSCAD
code, imported STLs are usually the cause.
I suspect co-incident faces/edges/points could be the contributor. Like
where the three sides touch each other in the center, and the corners. I'll
look there if you still get the problem.

Admin - PM me if you need anything, or if I've done something stupid...

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