[OpenSCAD] import() .dxf image format to OpenSCAD

Still_learning sprocketsjohn at gmail.com
Mon Apr 16 18:05:45 EDT 2018

I am running OpenSCAD version 2017.01.20 on a Windows 7 laptop
that is current on updates.

I am attempting to get a 2D image converted into a 3D extrusion
so that I may subtract it from a cube() face.

To that end I downloaded an open source .png of the image I am
want to use.  Converted that image in into paths using GIMP 2.8.8
and exported it to an .svg file.

Opened the .svg file in LibreCAD (looked good and right) and exported
it as a .dxf file.

I am trying to get the .dxf file recognized and displayed by OpenSCAD
but keep drawing a blank screen, even though following a preview
command or file save, the console tells me I have created an object
with 8 geometries and 592 bytes in one normalized CSG tree.

No error messages are generated when previewed or saved.

So, apparently "Something" is being recognized, but the final result
is not being displayed.

Nothing appears to want to display because the display progress indicator
is not activated.  Calculation time is 0 and 0.

Since I am not running Linux, Inkscape does not seem a particularly good

code used is:

	linear_extrude(height = 2, center = true, convexity = 10)
	import(file = "image-foo.dxf");

File also previously referenced in "use <image-foo.dxf>" statement
earlier in commands file.  File resides among .scad files in same dir.

Thoughts on why this might not be working are appreciated.

Recommendations for how to make it work are appreciated more so.


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