[OpenSCAD] Import of dxf file with a circle.

KeithSloan52 keith at sloan-home.co.uk
Mon Apr 16 09:50:32 EDT 2018

I am trying to debug a problem with FreeCAD import of an OpenSCAD file.
see  https://forum.freecadweb.org/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=28119&p=228042#p228042
for full details.

One problem seems to be that I have a dxf file with a circle, displays as
circle in LibreCAD.
If in OpenSCAD I import it with 
import(file = "file1.dxf");
OpenSCAD creates it as an 8 sided polygon. 

Now I understand that OpenSCAD does not do circles just polygons, but my
question is there a way to control the number of elements of an imported dxf
file given there is no $fn involved with an import. Or am I stuck with a
default of 8.

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