[OpenSCAD] Minkowski difference shows up with F5 but not F6

fred_dot_u fred_dot_u at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 15 21:06:54 EDT 2018

Not that I have an answer to your question, but when I loaded the file
(copy/paste) and hit F5, there are large areas of background showing
through. When I first hit F6, an error appeared which did not appear in
subsequent F6 presses. Closing the file and opening a blank screen with
paste, the error appears:

> ERROR: CGAL error in CGAL_Nef_polyhedron3(): CGAL ERROR: assertion
> violation! Expr: pe_prev->is_border() || !internal::Plane_constructor
> <Plane>
> ::get_plane(pe_prev->facet(),pe_prev->facet()->plane()).is_degenerate()
> File:
> /opt/mxe/usr/x86_64-w64-mingw32.static/include/CGAL/Nef_3/polyhedron_3_to_nef_3.h
> Line: 251 

Using 2017.01.20 git 59df0d1


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