[OpenSCAD] text() inability to generate newline commands in long text strings

Torsten Paul Torsten.Paul at gmx.de
Fri Apr 13 16:20:02 EDT 2018

On 04/13/2018 08:59 PM, John Sprockets wrote:
> Is this now possible?
The built-in text() does not support that and it's probably
not going to do that very soon. It's basically another layer
in the text processing stack that is quite a big topic.

I guess the document http://behdad.org/text/ still describes
the current state of the text rendering and right now OpenSCAD
does not support the top-level part which is the layouting.

Note that OpenSCAD does support even scripting languages thanks
to the use of the harfbuzz library. Just looking at newlines is
unlikely to work in the general case unfortunately.

> Do I need a file or library I don't have?
I'm not are of any text libraries which help with that, but
there are examples for simple multi-line handling, e.g. in
that reddit post:


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