[OpenSCAD] Please help me with this part modification!

NateTG nate-openscadforum at pedantic.org
Tue Apr 10 15:28:01 EDT 2018

> ...  spacing of the center of the second circle from the first circle is
the diameter of the second circle
minus the distance of the chord of the second circle from its center, with
the chord of the second circle being the diameter of the first circle. ...

Unless you want to get fancy, if you have circles with radius r_0 and r_1,
then the z-distance between centers is
simply sqrt(r_1*r_1 - r_0*r_0) since there's a right triangle.

A (probably managable) issue with this design is that the position of the
center line of the syringe then depends on the syringe size, so the other
parts need to accommodate that as well.

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