[OpenSCAD] Capturing Openscad output in Windows

Ivo ivo.knutsel at gmail.com
Sun Apr 1 04:16:25 EDT 2018

MichaelAtOz wrote
> Did you try:
> openscad.com -o output.echo echobug.scad

I have by now, I didn't read your reply properly and focused on the "2>&1"
part too much. Thanks for pointing this out.

I have my scripts working with "-o whatever.echo" combined with passing
commands to the script and having it either produce the parameters for the
next stage or render a specific object.

Quotes on Windows command-line are a bit problematic, quoted quotes a bit
more so and calling command-line programs from powershell with quoted
parameters even more so.

There are still some strange things going on, openscad will sometime crash
and sometime not on the same commandline.

Cheers, Ivo

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